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How it Works

All you have to do is download our mobile app, hook up your bank account, and choose your mix of coins. We’ll get you all of them instantly at market price.

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Available now on both iOS and Android app stores

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Create Account

Connect your bank account and get started in a snap

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Choose Coins

Pick the mix of crypto you want to buy or create your own

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why vest

Smart, Simple & Sensible

Cryptocurrencies are set to change the world. We built Vest from the ground up to help you become a successful crypto owner.

Vest makes diversifying, getting the best average price, and managing your crypto portfolio dead simple.

With as little as $1, own a whole portfolio of crypto & start learning. Join today!

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Diversified + Time Averaged

Buying a sensible mix of crypto is easy with Vest. You can pick from one of the existing mixes or create your own.

Playing the market is for gamblers. By setting up a recurring investment you get the best average price over time.

earn + learn

Welcome to the Journey

We plan to be a full partner in your journey into crypto. There's a lot coming to help you learn more, and even earn free crypto. Stay tuned!

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Customer Support

We pride ourselves in providing delightful support. Ask us anything anytime.


Our Team

Brought to you by team members from Google, Dropbox, Twitch, Y-Combinator, and MIT. Our team combines decades of engineering experience building products that have touched millions.
We believe in cryptocurrencies revolutionizing the world, and our mission is to make this technology accessible to everyone.

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Dilan Dane


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Michael Poon


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Yuran Lu




Are there any fees?
We let you choose what you want to pay - as little as $1 per month for months when at least 1 buy or sell is performed on your behalf. Everything else comes free.
Which cryptocurrencies are available?
We currently offer 10 of the most popular, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. We will be adding more crypto in the near future.
Can I customize my mix of crypto?
Yes, you can easily customize which crypto and the relative amounts with Vest.
What's the minimum I can buy?
You can get started with as little as $1.
Can I sell my crypto?
Yes, you can sell your crypto anytime after 7 business days have passed from the buy date.